Party game Save Your Nuts comes to PC and console next month

A party game is just what everyone stuck at home needs right now, so just as well that Save Your Nuts is here to..well, save you from going nuts!

Montreal based developer Triple Scale Games has announced today that its upcoming couchplay and online party game Save Your Nuts will leave Early Access on Steam while simultaneously launching for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on April 16, 2020.

Players can check out the free demo right now for PC on Steam, which features a tutorial teaching how to play the game in both solo mode with bots and local multiplayer.

Save Your Nuts is an accessible and also competitive multiplayer game inspired by the classic struggle of suburban pets and local critters like dogs, squirrels, raccoons, beavers, wolves, and armadillos! Players will pick their favorite varmint and chase, catch, throw, and tackle their way to securing the elusive acorns.  Each character has different abilities such as speed, strength, jump and other special moves, making its selection a strategic choice before diving in the arena.

The game features three different modes; Capture the Nut, where an acorn is dropped and teams fight to score it, Thieves, fight to steal multiple enemy’s nuts while protecting your own team’s, and Battle, a constant fight to be the last animal with their nuts intact. Each of these modes is playable across 10 different arenas ranging from backyards and parks to castles, ships, and even outer space! These maps are filled with unique hazards and power-ups that help players turn the tide of battle. Up to 8 players can compete locally, online or against a challenging AI to be the greatest nut defender the neighborhood has ever seen!

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