Playground Mode arrives in Horizon Chase Turbo update on PlayStation 4

The rather excellent arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo from Aquiris Game Studio has been given a huge update which finally brings Playground Mode to PS4 players.

To celebrate all the positive praise the game  has been getting and in being part of the PlayStation Essentials Sale in the US, Horizon Chase Turbo is receiving the most expected update to date, including:

  • The new Playground Mode.

  • Exclusive car skins.
  • New colors.

  • New “cable guy” car

Playground is a rotative competition that present 5 new races each time. They are time-limited tracks that will always bring something special to the table: Time Attack races with no opponents, changes in weather and time of day, mirrored races, infinite nitros, restrictions on which cars competitors can use. Expect to see sandstorms in Iceland, volcanoes in California and new rules! You never know what the next season will feature.

Races come in one of 5 difficulty levels, meaning there’s something for every type of Horizon Chase player. Each race presents two levels of challenge for Playgrounders to take on: beating the computer opponents may be a challenge in itself, but you can always take it up a notch and fight to climb the leaderboards. Each race has its own leaderboard, Global and Friends-only, that stay online only for the duration of a season.

In Playground mode, each season brings a new set of surprises and a new place to compete every two weeks.

If  you’re a fan of classic arcade racers and you haven’t grabbed a copy of Horizon Chase Turbo then we can heartily recommend the game.  You can read our full review here.

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