Playstation History – ‘For The Players Since 1995′ Celebration Video

Sony have just released a new video which celebrates the history of the Playstation brand and some of the iconic games that were born on the format.  From Wipeout and Resident Evil to Killzone and InFamous.

What are your first Playstation memories? Check out the video!

In the grand scheme of things, Sony haven’t been in the gaming business all that long, but when they entered the race, with the original Playstation, it was clear that they were set to change things in a big way.  The time was right and they had the perfect partnerships to take on the now older gaming population looking for something that little more sophisticated.

Cue Wipeout, the game that successfully mirrored futuristic 3D graphics with a recognisable soundtrack.  From there it was pretty easy work to convince gamers that Sony meant business.



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