Playstation is Call of Duty’s new home

According to Sony’s Andrew House at E3, Playstation is “the new home of Call of Duty”.

The announcement, at Sony’s E3 Conference, that Black Ops 3 would get early access to DLC, something that Microsoft has previously enjoyed with past COD titles, is the first part of a larger deal between Sony and Activision which also sees Playstation branding on Call of Duty advertising.

Being one of the most widely recognised gaming franchises, it seems obvious that Activision would place its exclusivity with the current top selling console.  In the last generation Xbox 360 held this honour, but recently the Playstation 4 seems to be out in front.  Whether this deal will change again if the Xbox One takes the lead is unknown, but it does seem Activision thinks nothing of flitting between Microsoft and Sony depending on which they think will get them the most support.

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