Pokémon GO adds trading

Pokémon GO has gained new life thanks to the new trading and friends features that went live this past weekend.

The mobile game has always had a following, even after the initial craze died down, there are plenty of Discuss and facebook groups dedicated to playing the game socially, so it’s only fitting that developer Niantic have added a few new features to finally connect up with friends and start trading Pokémon.

The catch?  You need to be level 33 or over to use the new features, though those who have been playing since day 1 shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this.  All you need to do is grab your Trainer Code and you can use this to connect to friends in a similar way to Nintendo Friend Codes on consoles.

As a bonus, it seems Alolan Pokémon are hatching from Eggs that were gifted by other Trainers.

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