Pokemon Go possibly released in UK this week

Pokemon Go should be coming to Europe very soon according to trade paper MCV.

While Nintendo have seen a huge 25% surge in shares the mobile phone Pokemon game, which is taking the rest of the world by storm, still hasn’t surfaced in European App stores.

US, Australian and New Zealand users have clocked up huge numbers of hours on the Android and iOS game where players need to walk around their neighbourhoods to find and catch Pokemon or find gyms to battle in.

Pokemon Go screen 1But sources in the know have been quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying the proper European release of the game is only a few days away.
Would-be players in other regions have used several methods to gain access to the game, either through downloading the APK from other sites and adding it to their Android phone manually or by using US store accounts on their iOS device.  A proper release, though, would open it up to the masses who don’t want to risk these methods or don’t know about them.  The current version still works fine in the UK, where thousands of Pokemon fans have already been playing since launch.

Expect a large surge in players as the game properly releases.


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