Pokémon Rumble World lands on 3DS eShop

The second free Pokémon game to arrive on 3DS is out on the eShop to download now.

Nintendo have launched Pokémon Rumble World after its reveal the other week in their last Nintendo Direct video.  The game is free to download and contains optional micro-transactions to help speed the collection of Pokémon along.

Pokémon Rumble World pic2From our initial time with the game the in game coins and diamonds are actually quite easy to obtain and even friends and strangers with the game can pass them along on Street Pass, so anyone worried about having to pay to play should be fine as long as they don’t mind the odd wait for a timer every so often.


Pokémon Rumble World joins Pokémon Shuffle as the second free-to-play game Nintendo have added to the 3DS catalogue, though they’ve previously experimented with in-game payments with their mini-games using Street Pass before.  If you want to try it out for yourself, just head to the eShop now and download the game.

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