Rainbow Six Siege hits Open Beta on 25th November

Ubisoft’s online Rainbow Six game will launch its final open beta next wednesday, 25th November.

The announcement, on their official blog, also details the modes, maps and operators that will be available in the new beta, adding some important new modes for players to try out.

You’ll be able to play as three Russian Spetsnaz operators which includes the heavily armored Tachanka and his mounted machine gun, and Glaz with his very effective sniper rifle. They will be playable over the same PvP modes as the closed beta, with TDM – Secure Area and TDM – Bomb maps.

More excitingly, the new beta will add Terrorist Hunt;

“Featured during E3 2015 and live event previews, Terrorist Hunt – Disarm Bomb will be available for everyone to play during the Open Beta. You and your team will need to infiltrate a location filled with White Masks and disarm two different bomb locations. Be careful, once the bomb has been disarmed, White Masks will attempt to swarm the location and take you out. Set up properly and cover your corners to hold off the threat before moving to the next location.”

Both the Hereford Base and the House maps will be returning for this testing period, and for the first time you’ll be able to play the Kanal Industrial Harbor map, all in both day and night modes.

Pre-load will be available on 1st party marketplaces (PSN, Xbox Live and Uplay) starting on November 23rd, and everyone who participated in the Closed Beta will have 24 hours early access starting on the 24th.

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