Review: Arizona Sunshine: The Damned and Dead Man DLC

If you felt like you needed more zombie slaying action then Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have the solution with a pair of prequel missions that will keep you fighting off those hordes.

The Damned expansion arrives on the Oculus Store for the first time. while Steam VR and PSVR have had the second DLC since October. Thankfully, the Oculus version is cross-buy between the two headsets, though you’ll still need to buy the original game separately on both first.

The Dead Man DLC was first out the door and provides an intense rush to set off a missile and try to stop the outbreak before it spreads. We all know how that turned out (hint: not very well) but this smaller slice of prequel story is a fun romp though more of the same zombie shooting action in small, confined environments with one of the best weapons additions, a fully-automatic submachine gun.

The story won’t last more than about an hour even if you’re playing through without rushing but it contains a good distillation of what made the main game so fun in the first place and tells an interesting back-story as well.

The Damned is the newest expansion, only just released on Quest and Rift. In the newest chapter, you play as the lone survivor of a team sent to restore power to a missile system via a hydroelectric dam (double meaning in the title, there) all while fighting an even bigger horde of the undead as you explore the huge structure while being shouted at by your superior barking orders in your ear.

The second expansion is a much longer game in itself and far more intense, with some of the tightest gameplay that Arizona Sunshine has to offer. The game starts off in a dark tunnel before you head into the light to a small horde of zombies before being thrown in to a much bigger set of problems when you start to explore the rooms inside the dam. It’s a tougher challenge for those who breezed through the main game, though, so you’ll need to be prepared.

There’s a noticeable difference in quality between the Quest and Rift versions but having full 360 movement in the Quest without any wires makes up for the lack of graphical polish that the Rift version boasts and if you have a gaming PC you can always play the Rift version on your Quest through the Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop app. That said, both play really solidly and add another big slab of zombie slaying content to the game as well as providing an interesting insight in to the beginnings of the zombie outbreak.

It’s worth noting that the free update which appeared at the same time as the latest DLC pack also provides ‘Classic Mode’ to the multiplayer side of the game, giving players the option to only use single-handed weapons in Horde Mode in all maps.

These two new story campaigns complete the current roadmap for Arizona Sunshine so it will be interesting to see what Vertigo Games have up their sleeves next, maybe a full sequel? Until then, the well priced DLC expansions offer a great deal more fun for fans of the VR shooter at a great price.

Arizona Sunshine: The Damned and Dead Man DLC





  • A lot of content for the money
  • The Damned ups the pace and the fun of the main game
  • Interesting back story to the outbreak
  • Cross-buy between Quest and Rift


  • Dead Man is pretty short

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