Review: Gorn

If you enjoy comedy, bloody cartoon violence and constantly hitting people over the head with weapons then Gorn is pretty much your perfect VR game.

If that hasn’t already sold you, I’ll elaborate. Gorn is a fun and very bloody gladiator game, almost a cross between the scenes in Gladiator and something from South Park. It has lots of cartoon violence, chopped limbs flying everywhere and a light and breezy approach to character movement that sees the laws of physics fly out the window.

Starting in an arena with one opponent and pretty much learning on the job, you soon find yourself facing off against an array of different characters who also happen to be as interested in fighting each other as they do fighting you. You can use this to your advantage and pick off the ones more invested in fighting each other early on or go for the lone gladiator first while they keep hitting each other over the head with swords and maces. Later on you’ll have towering behemoths who take a lot more hits, though, so prepare to get good fast.

As a wave based arena game this does become a bit samey after a while, even with a bunch of different characters and weapons added to the mix, but it’s well made and fun to see just how far you can get before being slaughtered. The movement is a little odd as it involves a mix of physical movement and dragging to a certain part of the arena. On Quest with it’s wireless play this could well mean destroying your house in the process, so ensure you have a good play area and nothing breakable (including spectators!) nearby.

Is Gorn a must buy for Quest? Despite its repetitive nature, it’s certainly up there with some of the funniest moments I’ve had on the system. It’s not perfect and some of the physics and the AI are questionable at times but this adds to the charm of the game, which never really takes itself seriously.






  • Incredibly silly and fun
  • A good range of weapons
  • Solid feeling combat


  • Physics and movement are a little erratic
  • Can be repetitive

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