Review: Kingdom Tales 2

G5’s Kingdom Tales 2 is an RTS-lite game where resource building is key to conquering the land.

The story revolves around a young man named Finn and princess Dahla, who falls in love with him.  The king doesn’t take a fond view of this and tasks Finn with building up a successful kingdom to win the hand of his daughter.

It’s all fluff, of course, but does set a background to the resource management and town building tasks and gives you a final goal.

While there is plenty to do in Kingdom Tales 2, this is not a difficult game by any means, or one designed for hardened RTS or world building fans.  Each level has set tasks (build 3 houses, remove 2 logs from roads, build factories etc)  and there aren’t many variations on where you can place buildings.

Kingdom Tales 2 sc1If you’ve seen or played early The Setters games then this is like a very watered down version of those.  It could have done with a bit more freedom or, even better, a mode where you can build houses and farms and other buildings where you like and see how big your kingdom could get with the resources you have.  There are some threats from fellow builders vying for the same reward, but these are never fully realised.

That said, this game is firmly aimed at the casual market and it really does hit the mark for those looking for a fun time and resource management game with some lovely graphics and animations (particularly the little people that come and fix roads or collect money).  It’s easy to get into with a very comprehensive tutorial and fun to play.  If you do want a challenge then the hardest difficulty provides more stringent use of resources, though it doesn’t really change the game itself, it just makes it feel more of a logic puzzle which needs solving.

If you’re looking for a casual resource management game then Kingdom Tales 2 is a good choice with great visuals and a cute story.

Kingdom Tales 2





  • Nicely presented
  • Easy to get into for casual gamers
  • 3 difficulty levels


  • It's very RTS-lite
  • Not for advanced gamers
  • Could do with more freedom

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