Review: Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack

Jake and Finn were probably two of the most anticipated characters to hit year 2 of Warner Bros LEGO Dimensions game and thankfully the Adventure Time Level Pack doesn’t disappoint.

Despite the obvious concessions to LEGO’s visual take on all things Dimensions, Adventure Time still somehow manages to look faithful to the show using a sort of cel shaded approach.  Finn is the character you’ll be playing as if you just buy the Level Pack, though, as Jake can only be found in the separate Team Pack.   It is, however, well worth getting both to get the most out of this level.

Having been spoilt by the length of the new Ghostbusters 2016 Story Pack, the Adventure Time level is a typically shorter affair but with plenty for fans to love about it at the same time.  That said, these new levels are thankfully longer than some of those that appeared in the first year of Lego Dimensions and feel like a proper game.  They’re certainly well worth the cost of each pack.

The inclusion of Princess Bubblegum in the game, who is primarily there to set missions, is a little bittersweet as it reminds you that you can’t buy the toy of her just yet.  You can visit her palace in the open world map, though, alongside loads of other places that you’ll recognise from the show.  The Adventure Time world is a beautiful and odd place that perfectly captures the tone of the TV series.

The level pack is a must have for fans of the show with a decent adventure and some excellent voice acting from the original cast.  Even after completing the main quests you can still enjoy the beautiful open world with Finn, Jake or any of the LEGO Dimension characters that want to tag along.


Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack





  • Captures the look and feel of the show
  • Great voice acting
  • Decent level size
  • Great open world hub


  • Jake and Finn have to be bought separately

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