Review: Lego Dimensions Midway Arcade Level Pack

LEGO Dimensions is turning out to be the most versatile of the recent toys-to-life genre, able to take characters from a wealth of sources and add different game modes within the standard Lego framework.

Midway Arcade, at first glance, doesn’t seem to fit in the same world as Super-heroes, action stars and well known movie characters and, yes, it’s certainly the oddest licence to hit the game or the Lego franchise in general, but it works and throws up a few new tricks in the process.

Firstly, though, it’s business as usual when you enter the world for the first time.  Standard Lego building puzzles inside an old arcade form the backbone of the game as you fight against evil versions of game characters who have escaped from their arcade machines.  But the main character, a gamer kid, has some unique powers thanks to a magic set of T-shirts which help to complete the task.  Lego-fied versions of the arcade worlds make for some interesting gameplay.  Wondering around a Lego version of the Gauntlet maze, complete with ghosts, is incredibly satisfying for those who are familiar with the original game.

LEGO Midway ArcadeOnce defeated, you’ll unlock classic arcade games, emulated within arcade machine cabinets.  It’s very similar to Midway’s own emulated compilations on previous generations of consoles but certainly very welcome.

Kids may be puzzled by the retro games, mind you, given the targeted age of Lego Dimensions, but adults who play with them will get that nostalgic vibe from games like Blasteroids, Defender and Spy Hunter. In fact, it’s the car from that last game which comes as part of the package and turns into a boat or flying car, just like in the game.

The arcade games and, to some extent, the Lego version of the games do add more replay value than any of the other Level Packs released so far and the nostalgia value may well be worth the asking price alone.  This last Level Pack in the first series of Lego Dimensions ensure that the game goes out on a high before Warner Bros release a whole new series (with the possibility of a new disc’s worth of adventures alongside it).

Lego Dimensions Midway Arcade Level Pack





  • A different take on the Lego Dimension gameplay
  • 23 Unlockable classic arcade games
  • Good use of powers


  • Each arcade game needs to be completed once to fully unlock

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