Review: LEGO Jurassic World – Mobile version

The Jurassic Park films managed to squeeze many gigantic dinosaurs on to one screen.  Equally impressive is the feat that Warner Bros and TT Games have managed to achieve by squeezing the whole Jurassic World LEGO game on to mobile AND make it work.

In fact, not only does it work, but it seems to work far smoother than the console version that we reviewed back in June last year, bar a few issues I’ll address further down.

The game features all 4 movies from the original classic to the newest member of the family staring Chris Pratt.  That’s huge number of levels split across the 4 movies which act as 4 doorways in the main hub.  Par for the course in LEGO games, two of the doors aren’t opened until you’ve completed several tasks in the original movie world and the new Jurassic World level.  It won’t take long to open those doors, though.

Completing the game can take several forms. As with other LEGO games, you can choose to just wander through the world, solving simple puzzles and taking part in action sequences (some of which are pretty intense) until you reach the exit.  That’s the quick option.  The game really wants you to collect all the studs and find all the unlockable mini kits, though, and taunts you from the main hub with things like mix and match dinosaurs, which is far more fun than it initially sounds.

Does Jurassic Park work as a LEGO franchise?  It mainly depends on your love of the original movies, but even without knowledge of the films it’s a fun game.  It’s not all plain sailing, however; the gesture-based controls can be hit or miss, though thankfully there are several other options, including the use of controllers.

Being a mobile title, some scaling down was required here and, yes, some levels are smaller than their console counterparts while all of them are split into smaller chunks. A few of the cut-scenes are missing from the console and PC game, as well, which does make the game flow a little faster but also makes it feel like part of the story is missing, too.  I’m in two minds over whether this affects the game all that much, it certainly won’t unless you’ve played its bigger brother.

For a low app store price you’re getting a huge game, even if it does miss out a little of the content that featured in the console version.  It’s a playable and portable dinosaur adventure in LEGO. If that appeals to you then it’s well worth picking up.

LEGO Jurassic World





  • Almost the whole console game in a mobile app
  • Dinosaurs and LEGO in one!
  • All the usual LEGO game fun


  • Some Cut scenes missing
  • Smaller game worlds than the console version

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