Review: Let’s Sing 2019

If you haven’t got a PS4 with Singstar installed then there really isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to Karaoke games.  Thankfully, Ravenscourt and Voxler have returned with their annual Let’s Sing to bring the party to all consoles.

This year’s Let’s Sing is the most polished version yet, it now has avatars to choose, which animate as you sing, pretty much signing along with you.  You start with a few and gradually gain more as you play, giving you a wider choice, though I feel there should have been more female choices at the start.

Track listing is pretty important to any singing game and I’m pretty sure Let’s Sing’s playlist is hitting all the right notes.  Modern hits like Bruno Mars’Finesse and Dua Lipa with New Rules sit alongside classics such as Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer and ever popular ABBA hit Mamma Mia.  For those that invested in the extra song packs for last year’s game, you’ll be pleased to know that these are free to redownload for the 2019 edition as well, alongside a couple of new packs, giving you a huge list to choose from.

With the digital edition you can choose to use any USB Microphone you have laying around, I found an old Disney Wii mic gathering dust in the peripheral drawer (yes, I have a drawer for old peripherals) and it worked perfectly on Switch, so you can grab a dirt cheap second hand pair of microphones to get started or even download an app for your Android or iOS phone to use that instead.  The app will require you to be on the same internet connection as the console, though, and took me a while to get working the first time I downloaded it.

The main game mode is very similar to last year but the developers have added a new score multiplier for hitting multiple notes.  This helps boost your score if you’re doing well.  Score is more important, too, as there’s now an asynchronous multiplayer leaderboard that pits your efforts against the rest of the world.  You may not be playing directly against others online in the game but it’s great to see your score posted up there on the list if you manage to do well.  Thankfully, the icons and lyrics are really clear and easy to read on the screen, with a high quality music video playing behind them for each track.

Another way to play is via the Create your own Mix Tape mode, which allows you to play with mash-up songs from the playlist, changing as you play.  It’s far more difficult to keep up with the changing song styles but also pretty hilarious in local multiplayer.

If you’re looking for a great party game or just want to sing your heart out on your own, Let’s Sing 2019 is the perfect choice, the worldwide leaderboard and great song list are reason alone to give this a go.

Let's Sing 2019





  • A great tracklist
  • Clear icons and lyrics
  • Mixtape mode is a great addition
  • Can use any USB microphone


  • Phone app can be a little fiddly to get working

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