Review: LEGO Marvel Superheroes

The Switch has been host to many of the LEGO games over the years since its launch but it missed out on one of the best..until now.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 has been on Switch and is certainly the slightly better game of the two but the first game is still well worth playing and was one of the first to perfect the gameplay formula that TT Games had been playing with in the preceding LEGO games.

Although 8 years have passed since the game’s initial release, being a LEGO games and being one of the very best LEGO games means that this game has aged like a fine wine. Toss in the DLC with loads of extra characters to boost the already bursting roster of heroes and you have a must have game for fans of Marvel.

The game features a fairly long storyline and mixed the MCU Avengers of the time (pre-Spider-man and Doctor Strange) so you get a mix of MCU costumed heroes and others based on their comic book look and feel. It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference (and Marvel Super Heroes 2 is available and also highly recommended if you want to have the next bunch of MCU characters). This also allows TT Games to introduce villains from the more interesting corners of the overall Marvel Universe and gives them free reign to do what they want with them.

Controls are streamlined here but do take a little getting used to when you take on a new character. This is understandable given that you’ll be swinging around as Spider-man, flying as Iron Man, jumping and smashing as Hulk and causing devastation with Wolverine and Deadpool, among many others. The camera can veer around to the wrong angles at inopportune moments, just as it did in the original, but given the scope of getting a game with this many powers to control working with a single control system and camera, it still works well enough to forgive the occasional lapse of vision (and, funny enough, Vision himself, who appears in the sequel).

Overall, though, this game shines as brightly as the Arc Reactor in Iron Man’s chest and really hasn’t aged all that much for a game that first appeared in 2013. There’s a ton of content and plenty of fun pokes at the overall Marvel universe that fans will pick up on. It’s a solid LEGO games and great fun, especially given lower price.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes





  • A great roster of characters
  • Good storyline
  • All DLC included


  • Some camera issues

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