Review: Mechstermination Force

Nintendo’s Switch has been a fantastic platform for all sorts of indie hits over the last year and Mechstermination Force can count itself among the best as it comes to Switch with all guns blazing.

Independent developer Hörberg Productions  new run and gun shooter brings back fond memories of games like Contra with its wild bullet ridden action battles.  Taking the form of a series of boss battles, your job as a member of the Mechstermination force is to  combat the evil MegaMechs that have taken control of the world.  

The bosses are all incredible huge metal goliaths that shoot their weapons like they’re going out of style.  Somewhere in the middle is your character, hopping about and trying to find the weak spots while avoiding the hail of bullet fire, lasers and stampy legs.  While the first introductory monster is pretty easy, the difficulty ramps up pretty much straight away after this, so expect to be challenged.

While the beasts themselves are pretty impressive, a lot of work has also gone into the background detail.  it’s a lovely mix of faux-16 bit and modern graphics that look great in action or as screenshots.  The graphics artists should give themselves a pat on the back for their work here.  The whole thing moves so smoothly as well, even with these large metal monsters on screen.

When you manage to get over the difficultly level, Mechstermination Force is a load of fun and has plenty of replay value as taking down the mechs in record time earns you new rewards.  Guns unlock as you play and defeat the mechs, helping tackle the next one on the list.

While Cuphead is on the way, those looking for a decent challenging shooter/platform game need look no further than this game.

Mechstermination Force





  • Fantastic robot design
  • Challenging but never unfair
  • Great fun

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