Review: Music Racer

The sales pitch “Outrun meets Tron meets Guitar Hero” pretty much sells itself, but can Music Racer live up to this or is it a case of jack of all trades?

We’ve come a long way from those plastic instrument based rhythm action games and yet there are still very few games that have come close to matching the fun of playing a pretend guitar to a series of rock and pop tracks.

This time you’ll be taking (limited) control of a car on a track that sees the notes appear before you in different lanes, not so much different from Guitar Hero. Pillars stand in your way, obstructing your view and your progress, so driving around these is essential.

The tracks are all visually different though they share the same Tron-like faux-vector graphics aesthetic. They’re by far the best thing about this game and I particularly loved the Japanese style track.

The idea and track design aside, the main issue with this game is that it rarely presents a challenge. Whether you dodge in and out of obstacles or not, miss a few notes, it’s still too easy to finish. That, along with some mostly rather generic muisc (though a few tracks stand out as being decent) means that there’s very little substance here or reason to keep returning.

I’m hoping the developers manage to work on content for this game because the idea is there and they’ve certainly got the presentation down, it just needs more diverse music, a little more variety in the gameplay and a proper challenge.

Music Racer





  • Nice tron inspired asthetics
  • Good selection of different tracks
  • Plenty of modes


  • Far too easy

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