Review: Overcooked 2

Overcooked was one of the best couch multiplayer games of recent times, the hectic life of a chef has never been so vividly brought to a game.  The sequel ramps things up even further while keeping the same fundamental elements that made the original so fun.

Overcooked 2 sees you back in the kitchen, but those kitchens now change on a whim and leave you rushing around, trying to adjust to the environment, as well as fulfilling orders and dealing with a stacked up pile of dirty plates.

While the recipes were the star of the first game, and they’ve been expanded again here, it’s the levels themselves that take centre stage this time around.  Some merely change the environment slightly, with things like teleports that can randomly spit you out in the wrong place, but others are far more dynamic, making you completely rework your approach to meal preparation.

The other major difference is the addition of online co-op.  On Switch, this is a little more difficult that other platforms if you don’t already have a way to communicate (Whatsapp video calling helps)  but it’s almost as fun as sitting on the couch; what you loose in being able to see each other’s reaction, you gain in making a game easier to find and, thankfully, there seems to be no slowdown.

While more could have been added (and forthcoming DLC will most likely resolve this) Overcooked 2 feels like the perfect expansion to the first game and makes this an essential game for getting friends around to play together.

Overcooked 2





  • Dynamic stages change as you cook
  • Wonderful couch co-op and now online co-op
  • Hilariously fast action
  • Great artwork


  • Could be more recipes

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