Review: Razed

I’m still not sure if Razed is too difficult or just difficult enough.  ‘One more try’ games are nothing new, the Trials series pretty much perfected the art of the tough physics platform game many years ago, but Razed sets its own bar and then carries on raising it.

The game is set in a graphically colourful world full of geometrical shapes, neon lights and shadowy structures.  It looks like Blade Runner had a baby with Tron.  The idea is simple; get from one side to the other with just a run, dash and few other moves you learn along the way.

Each set of levels adds something new to the equation from new moves in the early stages to more deadly obstacles later on.  The difficulty spikes rather than ramps up, so you’ll be happily getting the hang of a bunch of levels and then suddenly find yourself unable to move on until you perfect the next one.

The thing that works in Razed’s favour is that it’s one of those games you’ll want to keep trying to beat.  Just as well, considering how difficult it is in places.  So it’s really difficult to put a score on the game, it really depends on how far you’re willing to go with the harder levels until you give up, but it’s worth a try.






  • A great concept
  • Can get addictive


  • Extreme difficulty may put many off

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