Review: Rigid Force Redux

The resurgence of what we used to call the shoot-em-up (now usually referred to as the shmup, possibly because people got bored typing it) seems to be unstoppable. The age old side-scrolling space shooter has plenty of life left in it, as Rigid Force Redux proves.

Using all the tricks in the book, Redux hits you hard with its pretty semi-3D graphics and great, colourful backgrounds. Anyone who has played R-Type, the Darius games or any number of side scrolling shooters over the years will recognise some of the designs and features. The staple of shooters, the floating weapon powerups, here they’re called shards, and upgrades from killing specific waves of enemies returns here and works well in helping balance the odds against the harder waves of enemies and the massive boss fights.

This is a game that works on being fair but a challenge to all but the most ardent shooter fan, it gives you plenty of enemies with different patterns and tons of bullets to avoid, which can be a little overwhelming at times, but also gives the player a selection of difficulty levels to choose from.

Sound a graphics need to be mentioned because developer com8com1 have done a wonderful job with both here. Various lighting effects, explosions and lasers flying everywhere are a sight to behold, mixed with a great soundtrack that keeps you glued to the action.

While it’s a little short, Rigid Force Redux is a great tribute to the classic side scroller which is a lot of fun to play.

Rigid Force Redux





  • Solid shooter gameplay
  • Ideas gathered from many classic shooters
  • Great soundtrack
  • Good boss designs


  • A little too short

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