Review: Ski Safari 2

The original Ski Safari sounded like your average endless runner on paper; avoid an avalanche while skiing down slopes, jumping over rocks and hitching a lift off penguins, but it turned out to be a highly polished and pretty addictive adventure.

Ski Safari 2 s1The sequel doesn’t deviate much from this, and is just as simple in concept, dashing away from an ever chasing object while avoiding other objects in your path and using the animals (who also happen to be running away) to your benefit, but it adds new scenarios and strengthens the risk/reward aspect.

Gameplay is simple, a touch of the screen gives you a jump while holding down will allow you to somersault, though you’ll also need to land correctly to avoid tumbling into a snowball and risk the avalanche catching up with you.  Timing, of course, is the key here and while there’s some luck involved, it does take a little skill in later challenges.

In app payments appear in the form of costumes and power-ups, but they’re not really necessary to enjoy the game.  Coins are liberally littered around the place and earning the items via the game feels much more of a rewarding process.

Ski Safari 2 s2Aside from skiing, which is still your introduction to the game, albeit with the initial choice of skis or snowboard, you also get to ride a horse in the Wild West, chase Pandas in an Oriental level or avoid dinosaurs in the Jurassic level.  Not only do these provide a welcome change of scenery, but they’re a good return for your hard work in unlocking the levels, providing enough different goals and little touches to make them worth playing on their own merit.  The graphics are great, especially when you notice all the little details while someone else is playing.  They’re not the most detailed but they’ve got a certain charm and character to them.

Ski Safari 2 feels like a natural progression from the first game with more to do, more to unlock and the same amount of joy from unlocking another set of goals.

Ski Safari





  • Another fun endless skiing game
  • New worlds add variety
  • Plenty of goals to achieve


  • Can get a little samey at times

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