Review: Super Monkey Ball Bounce

Sega’s Super Monkey Ball franchise is no stranger to the App Store, with 2 (rather good) games already, so it’s no surprise to see another one make an appearance.

What is more surprising, though, is that this isn’t a traditional Super Monkey Ball game.  Super Monkey Ball Bounce closely resembles Popcap’s Peggle with a few notable additions.

The good news is that these two styles really do compliment each other, with Sega’s simian folks fitting perfectly into the pinball-like arenas and the bright and colourful cast of characters each getting their own set of levels with their own special power.


Super Monkey Ball

Just like Peggle. the aim is to remove all of the balls marked with stars, and also remove as many of the standard balls as possible as a bonus.  Several special balls, once hit, give the player a power-up for a few turns, as well, helping them to complete the level.

If that sounds familiar then you’ve probably played Peggle and it’s certainly a very close match.  But Sega have also added in their own elements like end of level bosses and bananas to collect, just to mix things up a little.  I’m certainly not complaining, seeing as we have the best of both worlds on offer here and the little extras only serve to enhance the experience.


Super Monkey Ball

The only negative thing I have to say about the game is that the adverts are too intrusive at times, appearing between levels and often requiring a short wait before they disappear.  I’d really rather have had to pay a few pounds for the game or at least had the option to pay so that I could turn them off.

Overall, though, Super Monkey Ball Bounce is another excellent addition to the series. Worth going bananas for!

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