Review: Two Point Hospital Off the Grid DLC

Going green is a subject never far from the news these days and it seems the Two Point Hospital staff are moving with the times, too.

Set in a new and very green looking area, there are three new hospitals to run, starting with a very basic camp and ramping up to a modern but eco-friendly major hospital and it’s all apparently thanks to mayor Windsock and her plans to be re-elected on green issues.

There are immediately more tools to play around with, including water collection devices and some new medical equipment, some of which fits the theme and some that have been added to make life a little easier for the doctors. It’s fun just to play around with these and find out how they work and what difference they make to keeping up with the influx of new patients.

The gameplay follows very similar lines to the main game; small numbers of patients at first with all new diseases need to be diagnosed and treated before you get a swarm of new cases arriving to test your mettle. What is different is the focus on plants and holistic medicine, especially as you’re now being funded by ‘ Holistix ‘ a company that is using your success to boost the sales of their organic goods.

Carrot machines, organic farming allotments and, eventually, giant plants to provide medicine can be found dotted among the many higher tech devices making it look like an interesting hodge-podge of a hospital set up, especially when you reach the larger town hospital where the old fashioned white walls are offset with the green plants and scenery.

The balancing feels a little more harsh, though, as your tasks revolve around pleasing your sponsors as much as healing the sick and progression can be a bit harder here. Still, if you’re up for the challenge there’s plenty of fun to be had amongst the plants with some great new illnesses and tools thrown at you, all with the same trademark Two Point Hospital humour.

Off The Grid is certainly not a radical departure from the main game but it does give you plenty of new tasks, new illnesses and equipment and thanks to the need to support your sponsors is unique enough to be well worth your time if you enjoyed Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Hospital Off the Grid





  • Some great additions to your equipment
  • A new challenge keeps things fresh
  • Good use of humour


  • Sometimes frustrating due to the sponsors requests

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