Review: Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island

I first played Sega’s madcap hospital simulator last year on PC and thoroughly loved it. I didn’t know at the time but what it was really calling out for was a beach.

Pebberley Island is a great expansion for Two Point Hospital that takes it out of the whitewashed walls and to much sunnier climbs, all with its own sense of wacky medicinal fun, of course. New illnesses affect the islanders, everything from Camel Toe to Jellied Feels.

The expansion centres around explorer (and hospital admin) Wiggy Silverbottom and your ultimate goal is to grow the hospital and discover the secret to eternal youth on a strange and mysterious mountain, but until then there’s plenty of doctoring to do.

Even within the hospital walls you can tell this is an island, palm trees adorn the halls, kiosks have a thatched roof and patients wonder around in shorts. That’s even before you get to tackle the new and exotic illnesses.

It’s not all treatment, though, there are natural disasters in your way from tornadoes to lightning storms and rains of frogs, there’s plenty of ways for your hospital to suffer and cause you headaches. Then there are the staffing issues, the terrain you encounter on your way to the mountain and harder than usual waves of illness.

If you’re in need of a new challenge, this extension really provides it, it’s noticeably harder than the original Two Point Hospital, though it does slowly ramp the difficulty up and you get quite a bit of time to prepare before it throws another pandemic your way.

It’s nothing radically different but Pebberley Island is unique enough to be well worth your time if you enjoyed Two Point Hospital and just as much fun.

Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island





  • Adds even more fun if that's possible
  • Not just a change of scenery

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