Review: Uno

It seems odd that something as simple as a card game could need remaking.  Uno originally arrived on Xbox 360 and PS3 with a host of features and it was pretty fun.

All right, so half the fun was seeing what sort of opponent you’d be playing in multiplayer, you could never be sure whether you’d get a video of someone’s tackle hanging out or something else entirely during online games with the video chat options on but, still, it was a solid version of Uno and worked well.

Ubisoft’s next gen port has the cards, the multiplayer and the other franchises shoe-horned in to the game, but try to set up a video chat in multiplayer and you’ll be sorry to see that it only supports friends lists.  Not only that, but every time you want to play another game with the same set of friends you’ll need to send out an invite to them.  It’s by far the strangest change for a game that thrives on online play.

Uno gameplay

Don’t get me wrong, single and multi-player are still fun.  The Rabbids card set has those little pests mucking about with cards in your game and there are more planned for DLC at a later point (and most likely at more cost to the player).  Other plus points are the layout and the sound effects, as well as a full set of options to adjust the game rules, a very welcome addition.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t offer much beyond the standard game of Uno and doesn’t attempt to mix it up beyond the extra card set.  This means only the mega-fans of the game are likely to stick with it for long.   In its defence, the game is released at under £8, just a little more than you’d pay for a couple of different sets of cards in their physical form and it lets you play against people from all over the world (if you ignore the lack of a video chat option).






  • It's Uno
  • Rabbids pack adds a bit of variety
  • A lot of options to change the game rules


  • No video chat for online multiplayer games
  • Lack of extra card sets

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