Rockband 4 announced for Xbox One and PS4

Harmonix has officially announced that Rockband 4 will be headed to Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

A mail sent to subscribers confirms that any DLC bought for the series should be available in the new game, though details of how this can be done and whether it works cross-platform weren’t available.

The message reads:

“Hey gang,

For years you have been asking us the same question: “When will Rock Band™ return?”  For years you have been unified in solidarity with one single demand: “Give us a new Rock Band!” Well, today, my friends, is your day.

“Give us a new Rock Band!”
Okay. You win. We’ll do it.

“When will Rock Band return?”
Oh I dunno, HOW ABOUT THIS YEAR? 2015!

That’s right. Later this year, Rock Band™ 4 comes to Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4, and it will support all your previously purchased downloadable content (aka YOUR MUSIC) as we release them on next gen consoles!”

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