Rock’n’Ride VR Rhythm Bundle hits Steam

Two big rhythm based games join forces with the developers of Ragnarock and Synth Riders teaming up to present the “Rock’n’Ride VR Rhythm Bundle” for the fans of soaring synths, hard rock riffs, and active gameplay.

The brand new pack is now available on Steam with a 20% discount, offering hours of fun playing solo, with friends, or against the whole world!

The bundle is a perfect combination of two of the highest-rated VR titles on Steam, with a combined average of 95% positive reviews. Both games come with a curated music library, custom song support, and an active multiplayer community, while each of them offers a unique gameplay experience and distinct visuals. 

Beyond bringing the pure VR fun and immersive musical experience, the bundle invites the players to burn some calories and stay fit. Both Ragnarock and Synth Riders rank highly for their fitness value according to VR Fitness Insider, and can make solid additions to any regular fitness routine.

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