Sentinel 4: Dark Star gets free levels and towers update

Tower Defence game Sentinel 4: Dark Star, has just received a substantial new content update. Follow the Xenite shaman to unexplored lands, and unlock exotic new alien weaponry to aid in your battle for the planet.

The free Campaign 2 pack gives you a five level mission pack playable alongside the original campaign. Its brand new maps are also playable in Endless mode.

sentinel 1There is also the powerful Orion tower that slows and electrocutes enemies, Lava pods (a hot new damage over time path deployable) and Plasma wisps, Sentinel missiles that pack an energetic punch.

Also available is the mighty Juggernaut, a new robotic Commander unit that’s all about massive ranged damage and making things go “Boom!” The Juggernaut is an in-app purchase and costs 79p/$0.99.

You can grab Sentinel 4: Dark Star from the iOS App Store right now.

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