Sony detail Playstation VR plans at GDC conference

Sony have given more details on their Virtual Reality headset system, Playstation VR.

At the GDC conference tonight, Sony finally revealed that PlayStation VR will release in October of this year for a recommended retail price of £349.99/€399.99/AUD$549.95/NZD$629.95.

This is the first Virtual Reality headset for consoles and will compete with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on PC as well as the AMD powered newly announced Sulon VR system.

The big news is that the unit, which plugs into a Playstation 4, will retail for £349.99, lower than expected and almost certainly at a loss for the company, but necessary to provide enough uptake in the new technology to make it viable. With both of the mainstream PC VR headsets priced at over £500 in the UK, Sony are aiming at the wallets of early adopting console gamers who are looking for a cheaper option.


PlayStation VR

With more than 230 developers on board to provide content, including a newly announced version of Star Wars Battlefront from EA, the device should be well supported by both large publishers providing AAA titles and Indie developers from launch.

That list includes the internal Japan Studios with their new version of the Playroom (the original was designed to showcase the Dualshock 4) that comes in the package and includes 6 games.

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