Supposed GTX 1060 picture appears online

A Reddit user has posted up a picture of what appears to be Nvidia’s next card, the GTX 1060, spotted in Hong Kong ahead of launch.

We still have very few details of the card and nothing official as yet, but it’s expected to be a mid-tier challenger for the new AMD card, the Radeon RX480.

We’re not convinced yet that this is even real, the lettering on the 1060 does look a little out of place here, but it will be interesting to see what the official finished article looks like.

GTX 1060 leak

According to Videocardz website, who found the image, the GTX 1060 is rumoured to be using a GP106 GPU with at least 1280 CUDA cores. It may come with both a 3GB GDDR5 and 6GB GDDR5 memory option with 192-bit memory bus.

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