Tess Everis Returns to The Tower in forthcoming Destiny update

Bungie have detailed one of the new elements that they are incorporating into Year Two of Destiny.

This coming Tuesday, October 13th, Tess Everis will return to The Tower with a new look, a new storefront, and some new items to sell, courtesy of Eververse Trading Company.

Initially, Tess will offer eighteen brand new emotes. Like the trio of emotes offered via The Taken King Collector’s Edition, these emotes are completely optional, and won’t impact the action game in any way.

These emotes will be purchased using a new in-game currency, called  “Silver”, which will be available for purchase through the PSN or Xbox Live stores.  The idea is to offer more choices to players for visual and cosmetic items that do not impact the game, so the new emotes and any further items that will become available in the store will be completely optional.


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