The Ins and Outs of Black Ops III

So Treyarch/Activision went and released a freakin’ awesome new trailer for Black Ops 3.

You can see the whole thing at the bottom of the page, but for now I would like to mention a few of the snippets of information we have about the content of Black Ops 3. As you can appreciate details are somewhat light at the moment, but there’s a lot of info (read: gossip) flying about on the internet already.

Below is a list of the items we [think we] know to be In or Out of Black Ops 3 as of this particular moment in time.


First up simply because it is the main one people have been talking about ever since there was a sniff of the next Call of Duty, and it’s Exo Suits. To confirm… TO CONFIRM… they will NOT be in Black Ops 3.

Personally I am pleased about this. Not because of any dislike I have for exo suits, in fact I am a huge fan and love Advanced Warfare all the more for them. However I don’t believe that they need to be in every Call of Duty game and that the franchise itself would do well to keep them limited. If Advanced Warfare 2 (assuming there is one) has exo suits then great. Black Ops 3 doesn’t have exo suits, and that’s great too.


Well it looks like we’re not quite going all the way back to classic CoD with BO3. Treyarch are introducing thrust jumps instead which should give us greater flexibility when it comes to traversing obstacles.

Advanced Warfare opened up the Y axis more than any CoD game did previously. Black Ops 3 is reigning this in, but also giving us greater flexibility with how we move around horizontally. This looks like it also includes wall running as well as swimming underwater. The footage you can see below does appear to show these new abilities in a MP game!


Advanced Warfare allowed us to customise out set up by selecting from 13 ‘slots’. This was a step up from previous games, although it did allow for the addition of exo suit abilities. With no more exo suits in BO3 it only makes sense for this number to drop, and so we will be returning to a Pick 10 system.


Interestingly, though, Treyarch are introducing a Specialist Character system for MP matches. I’m not entirely sure how this works yet but it would appear that at the start of each game you get to select a specialist character to play as during that game. That character has specific abilities/weapons/(..?) to choose from.

I undesrtand there are a total of nine characters to choose from, but when combined with the ability/weapon you can chose from up to 18 character ability/weapon combinations (I’m guessing each character has a choice of two combos). Once you choose your character you are unable to change it until after the game ends.


You will be able to customise your weapons using something they are calling “Gunsmith” as well as being able to create your own camo using the new “Paintshop” mode. Gunsmith allows each player to add up to five attachments and an optic to a base gun, which is more than I can remember having ever seen before. Paintshop, too, will give you much greater control over how cool your weapons look (depending on your creative skills I guess).

And returning from Black Ops 2?

“Hoorah” to Treyarch for bringing back Theater Mode, where you get to relive your greatest and/or worst moment from your online games. I actually think this is great news as this gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your game. It might not be to everyone’s liking, but I actually think it’s a useful tool.

Skill Based Match Making (or SBMM as it’s more commonly know, and not to be confused with a Nintendo game  of a similar abbreviation in any way) is also coming back. Apparently it will be similar to the one from BO2, which is absolutely fine by me.

Scorestreaks are also back again, as well as a split screen MP option. It’s all good news, and clearly shows a developer who knows what the fans want.

And let’s not forget:

There is will be a Beta for the Black Ops 3. You can gain access be pre-ordering the game (which I have done already). The Beta will last for 1-2 weeks and will be playable 1-2 months before the launch date of 6th November. The Beta, like the game itself, will only be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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And in case you missed it, the trailer can be seen below.

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