Titanfall 2 Tech Test is now live on PS4 and Xbox One

EA have opened their Titanfall 2 Tech Test for console owners today, which runs through this weekend.

It’s a Beta test of sorts, mainly to stress test the system and network, something EA has famously had issues with at launch on several of their previous big name titles.

But it’s also an opportunity for console gamers to try the game out for the first time.  To find and download the test, just go to the PSN or Xbox.com store and type Titanfall 2, you’ll see the ‘Titanfall 2 Technical Test’ option which will enable you to download this to your console.

Why no PC test?  EA have explained that there are 2 reasons why they didn’t provide the test for PC gamers. The first is that they’re still not finished optimising the game for different setups and the second, more interesting reason is that they know some data miners are going to go straight to work looking for secrets within the single player campaign and ‘spoiling it’ (their words) for others.

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