Xbox One Sales spike by 75% due to new “S” Console

The Xbox One S has been released for a little over a week now and sales of the Microsoft console have spiked by 75%.

The new 2TB Model has already sold out in the UK due to very tight stock and there is the possibility that this particular model will no longer be available, as mentioned before in a previous article “Reports suggest no restocking of Xbox One S 2TB“.

There is some good news though to fans of the Gears of War series as Microsoft will be re-releasing the 2 terabyte Console as a Limited Edition Gears of War 4 Version, Which is already available for pre-order ready for its arrival on the 7th of October this year.

For players who don’t particularly need the extra storage the Xbox One S will be getting 500GB and 1TB Models, release details for these will be announced in the next few weeks.

Details on what new features the Xbox One S has can be found here.


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