Xbox to be upgradable in the future?

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has revealed a pretty surprising piece of information regarding the Xbox console future; hardware upgrades.

Speaking at the Xbox Spring Showcase, which has just been made available through This Week on Xbox on youtube and Xbox consoles,  Spencer explained the need for new hardware inside the usual lifespan of a console;

“You’ll actually see us come out with new hardware capability during a generation allowing the same games to run backward and forward compatible because we have a Universal Windows Application running on top of the Universal Windows Platform that allows us to focus more and more on hardware innovation without invalidating the games that run on that platform.”

So pretty much like a PC, then Phil?  Well, he seems to think so “We can effectively feel a little bit more like we see on PC, where I can still go back and run my old Doom and Quake games that I used to play years ago but I can still see the best 4K games come out and my library is always with me. Hardware innovation continues while the software innovation is able to take advantage and I don’t have to jump a generation and lose everything that I played on before.”

It’s an interesting concept that, if it reaches this stage, would mean the successor to Xbox One would have several different forms and games would run at different levels on each one. This also means that the only difference between this and a PC would be the menu system (which is fast becoming a Windows 10 based OS in itself, anyway, and the form factor.

In addition, several major Xbox franchises were announced for Windows 10; Gears of War Remastered and Forza 6 are both coming to PC in slightly different forms and both featuring 4K.

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