Xbox Series X and S pre-orders begin, with queuing at

The Xbox Series X and S pre-orders are due to go live at 8am and there is already a queuing system in place at UK retailer just to log in to the site.

Microsoft’s next consoles arrive on 10th November and pre-orders start today at 8am online, with stores opening later to take orders in person.

The consoles can be bought outright with a deposit or on the All Access system which requires a monthly payment and gives you the console plus Game Pass Ultimate in return.

Other sites seem to be facing similar traffic issues. In the UK Smyths Toys, the only other place to pre-order using the All Access system, is crashing.

UPDATE: Many people are now finding the GAME site appears to be under site maintenance due to the heavy traffic, despite the measures put in place to prevent this. Xbox All Access seems to have a separate queuing system as well, even if you queued to log in.

Argos and Amazon opened their pre-orders with no issues while also adopted a queue system.

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