2K Games Humble Bundle 2 gives you Battleborn and Mafia II

Humble Bundle and 2K Games have joined forces once again to provide a new bundle of games for a great price.

Headlining this bundle is Battleborn, the newest cell shaded game from the makers of Borderlands, but you also get plenty of other great games, whichever tier you pay for.

For just $1 you get The Darkness II, Spec Ops: The Line and Duke Nukem Forever. Moving up to beat the average price, currently at $8.36, you get Civilisation V, NBA 2K16 and Mafia II, along with some Battleborn skins and more games that will be announced next week.

Humble 2K Games 2

Pay more than $15 (just over £11) and you get Battleborn itself, some in-game credit and the excellent Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The money from Humble Bundle is split between the developers and charity and you can choose how much goes to each. So as well as getting some great games for a decent price, you’ll also be doing some good.
Humble 2K Games 2 1

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