Animal Crossing Pocket Camp out in November for mobile

Nintendo have revealed a new mobile Animal Crossing game for mobile called Animal Crossing Pocket Camp via a special Nintendo Direct this morning.

The game is like a smaller version of the main Animal Crossing games, with your remit being to run a camp rather than a whole town.

There are still large areas to explore, mini games to play and, yes, fruit to harvest from trees, as well as many villagers to meet and help out along the way.

It looks as if Pocket Camp will be free to play with the ability to purchase ‘tickets’, the in game currency, with real money or earn them in-game.  The general idea is to build your camp site up by crafting furniture and keeping residents happy.  Friends from other camps can even come over to visit.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp currently has no fixed date other than ‘November’ so keep an eye out for it on the iOS App Store and Google Play next month.

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