Apple’s conference will reveal the 10th Anniversary iPhone today

iPhone X, as it’s being called until the official name becomes clear, has some big expectations.  All will be revealed at the Apple Press Conference taking place at 6PM BST (10AM PDT).

You can watch a live feed of Apple’s show online, on an iOS device, or on Apple TV, giving you a few ways to catch up with the latest news.

As a rule, Apple products are released a few weeks after the announcement, so it’s worth watching to get an early beat on pre-orders, though rumours are that Apple have been finding it hard to manufacturer the new devices and there might be delays.

The main event should be the iPhone X, though, an anniversary phone that many are tipping to be a big departure from previous phones and nearer to Samsung’s top end devices, with a glass back, full front screen and possibly even wireless charging.

Fans of the current phone format may well be catered for with a possible iPhone 8S though, keeping the current design and updating the internals.

We may also get a new Apple TV and iPad model if we’re lucky, but you’ll need to wait and see what comes out of today’s conference.

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