Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time coming to Oculus Quest 12 December.

Publisher PlayStack and Developer Maze Theory will launch Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, the feature-length Doctor Who VR videogame on Oculus Quest 12 December.

The BBC licenced game Launched on November 12th (£19.99 / $24.99) for for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos.

The Oculus Quest version will be available on the Oculus store direct from the headset or on PC in a few weeks.

Crafted with countless references to the show and its 55-year history, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time combines action, horror and sci-fi, equipping players with the Sonic Screwdriver to solve mind-bending puzzles, escape treacherous environments and come face-to-face with classic Doctor Who monsters, all within virtual reality for the first time ever. Escape from Weeping Angels, face off against brand-new monsters and pilot a Dalek shell to harness its’ fearsome weaponry in a thrilling and immersive single-player adventure!


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