E3 Starts Today

E3, the biggest gaming show of the year starts today, and EA are first to the stage to reveal more on their upcoming titles.

EA – 8pm BST (UK), 12pm PDT (US)

EA have traditionally used this slot to show off their new sports titles and this year will be no exception, with FIFA 18 just announced there are bound to be famous footballers on hand to kick off the show.

Other recent announcements should be making an appearance, too, from Star Wars Battlefield 2 to the new Need For Speed game.  Casual fans will be hoping for some Sims news, since the last game, Sims 4, came out in 2014, so a sequel is long overdue.

EA’s show, named “Live @ EA PLAY”, will provide new looks and deep dives into its biggest games, new reveals and more. “Live @ EA PLAY” will also showcase the first live multiplayer match for Star Wars Battlefront called “Assault on Theed”. The match will utilize a prequel-era map and feature 40 of the biggest YouTube influencers in the world, including StoneMountain64. For the millions of fans who will not attend EA PLAY in Hollywood, EA’s show can be viewed from 8:00pm–9:30pm BST here.

You can find out more about this year’s E3 and what’s on when on our E3 feature.

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