LEGO Dimensions teases Red Dwarf easter egg

LEGO Dimensions have teased the inclusion of British Sci Fi comedy Red Dwarf in the game via Twitter.

The Tweet, shown below, shows the current version of the famous sleeping quarters in the Red Dwarf mining ship, where Lister and Rimmer hang out.


It’s understood that this isn’t a new franchise being added to the game as a pack just yet, but a secret area.  Previous secret areas have included Hanna Barbara cartoons like the Flintstones, which were reached via the use of the Tardis from the Doctor Who pack.  Being an ex-BBC franchise and arguably a modern British institution, it would make sense that the Red Dwarf area would be reached in the same way.

I’d love to see a full Red Dwarf area in Year 3 of LEGO Dimensions and with physical LEGO packs arriving this year it might come to pass, but we understand that there are no plans for a full set in this year’s line-up.

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