New Humble Bundle has classic Capcom PS3 and PS4 games

PS3 and PS4 owners who fancy a whole bunch of cheap Capcom classics can head over to Humble Bundle now and check out the Capcom Playstation bundle.

That is, as long as they have a US Playstation Store account.  As with last year’s first Wii U bundle (the first time Humble had provided console games rather than PC and mobile), the games on offer are US based and won’t work with a EU PSN account.

Fear not, though, as the PS3 and PS4 are happy to play games from any region should you create an account for another country.  Many people in the EU already have a US or other country’s account to take advantage of cheaper prices and it’s pretty easy to google the instructions.

Humble Playstation bundle 1As usual, there are several tiers to choose from.  Tier 1 costs just $1 and contains gems like Super Puzzle Fighter II and Strider.

Tier 2 is based on the average price but also nets you PS4 game Resident HD and PS3 classics Okami HD and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.Humble Playstation bundle 2

The final Tier gets you Resident Evil Zero And Devil May Cry Trilogy.

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