Review: LEGO The Incredibles

Pixar’s powerful family arrive on console with a family friendly LEGO game just as The Incredibles II hits the cinema.  It might be best to watch the film first, but this game proves to be a great companion to both the films and good fun in its own right.

Rather than start at the beginning, LEGO The Incredibles begins with the second film and then works backwards.  This means the set pieces change quite a bit throughout the game and provide a good variety of gameplay elements, from the more fast paced battles to a range of puzzles to solve.  It’s all good LEGO fun and though we’ve seen most of it before, TT Games have added a few new elements here.

Most impressive is the new character unlock, you’ll build an army of characters as per normal, by progressing in the game, but you can also unlock actual blind packs with characters in by fulfilling certain criteria in an area.  I love the fact that you get to open packs just like in real life.  Finding new characters also gives you new powers to unlock certain areas you couldn’t reach before. It feels far better here than in some of the other LEGO games as there are a wide range of powers to choose from and most of them are great fun.  I was worried how stretching LEGO would look, but it really needs to be experienced! You can also build your own hero with a mix and match approach, which my kids found great fun.

The only thing getting in the way of this LEGO release being perfect is the loading times and an odd slowdown when there are too many things going on in the level.  These aren’t deal breakers, though, and I’d highly recommend this game to fans of the Pixar films or those looking for a decent LEGO game to get into.

LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles


8.5 /10


  • Good selection of characters
  • Interesting level design
  • Good story
  • Opening blind packs is fun


  • Some slowdown at times
  • Long loading times

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