Review: SPEEDLINK 7-in-1 Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console certainly comes at a hefty price for something you can carry around with you, so it makes sense to protect it.  Thankfully, Speedlink have come up with a few accessories which can do the job.

The 7-in-1 accessory pack aims to solve a few of the handheld issues that come with any expensive item with a screen.  The most important of these is the screen protector.  Just as with mobile phones, this protector has an easy 2-piece tear off system, tear one side off to apply and then the other once the protector is stuck to the screen.

What I will say is that you need a good, dust-free room to do this in. As you can see in the picture below, even taking a lot of time to ensure the screen is wiped, via the screen-cleaning cloth included, can leave you with a few dust spots that won’t go away.  Thankfully, I managed to ensure that none of these were on the screen area.  This is the same for any screen protector, of course, and in Speedlink’s set, the protector was certainly easier than others I’ve tried to put on, as well as coming with its own squeegy to squash out the remaining air bubbles.

The set also comes with a decent sized 3 metre Charging Cable for any USB Port which was certainly useful in the car and for the times I remembered to bring a phone USB charger with me when out at other people’s houses.  The cable is certainly long enough to make things easier to play and charge at the same time.

Something I’d not considered needing was the Non-slip Silicone Analog-stick Caps.  You get 2 Sets in the pack; 2 Red and 2 Black pads and they improve on the original analog nubs.  The red go nicely with the red and blue joycons while the black suit the grey joycons, something for everyone, then!

The gamecard carry case, with space for 2 games, is a useful extra for those who don’t have a case that has a built in game pouch.  It protects the games from the elements and makes it harder to lose the tiny cartridges.

Finally, the in-ear Headphones which come with built in microphone are useful for those who don’t already have them, though I do prefer an over-the-ear style to the in-ear ones.  These are fairly comfortable, though, even if they didn’t blow me away with the sound quality.

For around £20, this set is a great addition to your Switch purchase and has some useful equipment for keeping your console safe and charging it on the go.

SPEEDLINK 7-in-1 Switch Starter Kit

SPEEDLINK 7-in-1 Switch Starter Kit


8.5 /10


  • Essential screen protector
  • Good long charging cable
  • Analog-stick caps are more responsive


  • Earphones could be better quality

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