Samsung leaks its own Galaxy S8 design in advert

Samsung have seemingly leaked the design for their eagerly awaited Galaxy S8 phone, due early this year.

A few days ago there were leaked shots from several case manufacturers which showed what could well be the new premium Galaxy phone, but Samsung’s own adverts for AMOLED screens seem to cement this, with an unnamed smartphone screen been shown at the end of the adverts.

S8 leak 2

The most obvious changes to the design come from the very thin bezels and the lack of a home button, most likely moving it to a screen-based button in line with many other Android phones.  Thankfully, it also looks like Samsung are keeping the headphone connector, unlike Apple’s recent iPhone 7 models.

When will we see more?  There are several rumours pointing to a late February reveal on 27th February, but others suggesting they may have to delay due to the ongoing investigation into the overheating issues surrounding the Note 7.  Signs are currently pointing to a March or April release, though, so not long to wait.

You can watch the quick advert below for a better look at the possible new phone.

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