Skyrim definitely coming to Switch as Bethesda confirms support

As part of a larger interview with Glixel, Todd Howard, the director and executive producer at Bethesda, shared his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. “Probably the best demo I’ve ever seen. At E3…I mean the device itself. I think it’s really smart what they’re doing.”

Pushed on bringing Skyrim to the console, he seems to have confirmed that the game is on the way after Nintendo showed the ‘demo’ footage in the Switch reveal trailer.  “We’re definitely going to be supporting it. It’s the first time we’ve done something on Nintendo. If you don’t count the old NES stuff. Home Alone. Or Where’s Waldo?” he explained, going on to say that Skyrim was certainly possible on a handheld screen as “It’s the same game on the TV and on the other screen.”

Nintendo haven’t been shy to hold their hand up and suggest they need lots of third party support at launch, after the Wii U saw its support dry up.  If Skyrim Remastered is one of the launch games then expect others to follow.  EA have already confirmed that they are making several of their big franchises for Switch, though they’ve yet to confirm which ones.

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