Watch all the E3 2019 conferences right here

E3 2019 is underway and if you missed any of the shows, we’ll be updating them below so you can catch up.

First up was the unorthadox EA presentation, split into games

Microsoft provided plenty of highs for this year’s show, including many games that will be available as part of Game Pass on day one of release.


Bethesda’s E3 2019 had a few nice reveals, including some love for Nintendo Switch.

Devolver Digital were doing their stuff the only way they know how.

The PC Gaming Show (from PC Gamer Magazine) showed off some nice hardware, including a new Samsung monitor) and gameplay.


Ubisoft’s conference didn’t disappoint (unless you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan looking for new games) and, yes, the Just Dance guys were there, yey!

Square Enix held their annual show, with loads of Final Fantasy goodness.


Watch the Nintendo’s E3 video for lots fo Pokemon, Smash Bros and Animal Crossing goodness, as well as a bunch of new stuff.

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