Bus Simulator 21 pulls in to console and PC today

Ding! Ding! Bus Simulator 21 from Astragon and Still Alive Studios arrives on Steam, Xbox and Playstation consoles today, boasting the most comprehensive and advanced fleet in the history of the series. With 30 officially licensed buses by 10 international, well-known manufacturers, you’d be hard pressed to find a bus you didn’t like.

Whether you prefer electric buses, CNG buses, diesel buses or a double-decker – with Bus Simulator 21, every bus lover gets their money’s worth! All bus models are available both in the extensive single-player campaign and the cooperative multiplayer for up to four players.

And once you download the Day One Update, we even have a gift for you: In addition to all the other 30 buses, we’re granting you access to the Scania Citywide 14,8m! This bus will be free for everyone – no matter when you buy the game.

In Bus Simulator 21, we’re going truly global: With brands from all over the world, there’s something for every bus enthusiast. Whether you prefer the British flair of Alexander Dennis or the American style of Blue Bird – or maybe even buses from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Canada and China – the roads of Angel Shores and Seaside Valley are yours.

Bus Simulator 21 releases September 7, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – and is fully playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Full list of all bus models in Bus Simulator 21
Alexander Dennis

Enviro200 (City Bus)
Enviro500 (Double Decker)
Blue Bird

SIGMA 12m (City Bus)

BYD eBus 12m (Electric Bus)
BYD eBus 18m (Electric Articulated Bus)

IVECO BUS Urbanway 12m (City Bus)
IVECO BUS Urbanway 18m (Articulated Bus)
Grande West

Vicinity 30ft (City Bus)
Vicinity 35ft GNG (City Bus)

Lion’s City (City Bus)
Lion’s City CNG (Articulated Bus)
Lion’s City City Bus (City Bus)
Lion’s City G (Articulated Bus)
Lion’s City L (City Bus)
Lion’s City M (City Bus)
Lion’s City 18 (Articulated Bus)

Citaro (City Bus)
Citaro K (City Bus)
Citaro G (Articulated Bus)
CapaCity (Articulated Bus)
CapaCity L (Articulated Bus)
eCitaro (Electric Bus)
eCitaro G (Electric Articulated Bus)

Citywide LF 12m (Electric Bus)
Coming with the Day One Update: Scania Citywide 14,8m (Electric Bus)

Setra S 412 UL (Intercity Bus)
Setra S 416 LE business (Intercity Bus)
Setra S 417 UL business (Intercity Bus)
Setra S 418 UL business (Intercity Bus)

7900 Electric (Electric Bus)
7900 Electric (Electric Articulated Bus)

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